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Brüel & Kjær Vibro’s mission in life is to help you reduce downtime and the life cycle costs of your industrial machines and avoid lost production. As part of that effort, we are launching a series of free training webinars on various topics on machine condition monitoring and diagnostics. Our experts share their  deep experience in each session, followed by questions and answers, comments, and discussion items from participants. All are welcome register to participate.

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Date: 10/Feb/21
Start Time Berlin: 4:00 pm
Start Time Singapore: 10:00 pm
Start Time New York: 10:00 am
Duration: Duration: 20-30 mins + 15 Q&A

Hydro unit monitoring webinar series – Part 4: Monitoring the turbine (Francis, Kaplan)

Mike Hastings is an Application Engineer at B&K Vibro, based in Denmark. He has developed machine monitoring strategies and optimization techniques, and is currently working with strategic market development, analysis and communications. He is Convenor for the ISO work group creating standards for condition monitoring and diagnostics of machines, and was Project Leader for ISO 19283 for hydro generating units.

As part of the hydro unit monitoring webinar series, Mike Hastings will present webinars describing the basic potential failure modes of hydro units, and present the best-practice monitoring techniques for detecting and diagnosing these faults. In webinar Part 4 the focus will be on the turbine.

Description : The hydro unit monitoring webinar series is intended to help end-users and service providers to better understand the monitoring techniques and to improve the reliability of implementing an effective condition monitoring approach for hydro machines in your power station. In Part 4 we will look at typical failure modes for the hydro unit turbine and its nearby components; stay vanes, guide vanes, distributor, draft tube. A range of time-proven, best-practice monitoring techniques will then be presented for detecting and diagnosing faults, such as: • Francis turbine labyrinth seals • Kaplan turbine blade clearance • Blade erosion • Water hammer • Vortex turbulence • Von Karman turbulence • Cavitation A description of the sensor technology is also given, as well as a basic review of applicable international standards for the monitoring techniques.
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