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Brüel & Kjær Vibro’s mission in life is to help you reduce downtime and the life cycle costs of your industrial machines and avoid lost production. As part of that effort, we are launching a series of free training webinars on various topics on machine condition monitoring and diagnostics. Our experts share their  deep experience in each session, followed by questions and answers, comments, and discussion items from participants. All are welcome register to participate.

Date: 16/Dec/20
Start Time Berlin: 4:00 pm
Start Time Singapore: 10:00 pm
Start Time New York: 10:00 am
Duration: 20-30 mins + 15 Q&A

Wind turbine monitoring webinar series – Part 2: Inner race bearing looseness

Jørgen Ellekjær has been working in the Brüel & Kjær Vibro remote monitoring group for over 11 years as a diagnostic specialist for wind turbines. He is certified as a Cat. II Vibration Analyst, and in addition to diagnostic work with customers, he also gives training and holds seminars.

As part of the wind turbine monitoring webinar series, Jørgen will present several webinars describing condition monitoring case studies of the wind turbine, and the benefits achieved with early detection. In webinar Part 2, Jørgen will present a case on Inner race bearing looseness, also called bearing creep.

Description : The wind turbine monitoring webinar series is intended to help owners, operators and service providers to better understand the best practice monitoring strategy and techniques for early detection and diagnostics of potential failure modes of the drive train and other wind turbine components. The webinars are based on actual case studies, and we present the financial benefits for early detection of each. We are sharing our expertise to help you reduce the levelized cost of energy of your wind farm, and to improve reliability and availability of production. In Part 2 we look at a case study of Inner race bearing looseness on the intermediate shaft of the gearbox. Monitoring strategy Detection and diagnostics techniques Results and feedback after detection and diagnostics Condition monitoring benefits The specialized monitoring techniques used for detection and diagnostics play an important role in this case study. Inner race bearing looseness is a high severity alarm situation and requires immediate action to avoid catastrophic failure of the gearbox and to be pro-active in planning service.
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