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Brüel & Kjær Vibro’s mission in life is to help you reduce downtime and the life cycle costs of your industrial machines and avoid lost production. As part of that effort, we are launching a series of free training webinars on various topics on machine condition monitoring and diagnostics. Our experts share their  deep experience in each session, followed by questions and answers, comments, and discussion items from participants. All are welcome register to participate.

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Date: 27/Apr/21
Start Time Berlin: 5:00 pm
Start Time Singapore: 12:00 am
Start Time PDT: 9:00 am
Duration: Duration: 20-30 mins + 15 Q&A

Free Uptime! Why You Should Monitor Non-Critical Equipment.

Is it time to give your non-critical assets the respect they deserve? Greg Lee, Commercial Segment Manager at B&K Vibro, will present common problems in non-critical equipment monitoring. Learn from his extensive experience within the condition monitoring industry and find out how you can overcome these challenges in a simple & cost-effective way. He will also give a short introduction of our new VCM-3, a 12- channel data acquisition hub designed for non-critical equipment, and how we are now able to address the Industrial Balance of Plant (BOP) marketplace issues with non-critical assets.

Description : Digitalization (IoT, cloud solutions, etc.) is decreasing the cost of online monitoring equipment, whilst simultaneously increasing its capabilities. Online Condition Monitoring approaches - such as the VCM-3 - are increasingly becoming a cost-effective monitoring alternative for non-critical and “Balance of Plant (BoP)" machinery. Greg who is an expert within the condition monitoring industry will start by providing some common problems and challenges with non-critical assets. He will then share a detailed approach on how these challenges can be overcome in a simple and cost-effective way. As part of the product team for VCM-3, he can give valuable insights on our latest solution and how it can be used for pumps, motors, or fans.
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