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Brüel & Kjær Vibro’s mission in life is to help you reduce downtime and the life cycle costs of your industrial machines and avoid lost production. As part of that effort, we are launching a series of free training webinars on various topics on machine condition monitoring and diagnostics. Our experts share their  deep experience in each session, followed by questions and answers, comments, and discussion items from participants. All are welcome register to participate.

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Date: 18/Mar/21
Start Time Berlin: 10:00 am
Start Time Singapore: 5:00 pm
Start Time New York: 4:00 am
Duration: Duration: 20-30 mins + 15 Q&A

Engaging with our customers – VCM-3 entering the industrial Vibration Domain

During this webinar Dr. Peter Kytka, Global Sales Specialist, will talk about how B&K Vibro engages with their valuable customers, based on our latest solution VCM-3. The related buzzwords are “remote monitoring” & “Digitalization”. Build on success from over 30,000 units sold – predecessor of VCM-3 – and installed for the purpose of remote wind turbine monitoring, VCM-3 is moving into the industrial vibration domain offering there several capabilities our customers can benefit from. What application and industry segments can be tackled ? How key features of the VCM-3 can be utilized in the industrial vibration monitoring domain? Where can our customers engage with B&K Vibro to discover more?

Description : Digitalization (IoT, cloud solutions, etc.) is reducing the cost of online monitoring equipment, whilst simultaneously increasing its capabilities. Online Condition Monitoring approaches - such as our VCM-3 - are increasingly becoming a cost-effective monitoring alternative for non-critical and “Balance of Plant (BoP)" machinery. Therefore the positioning of our VCM-3 solution in plant condition monitoring will be repeated shortly. Next Peter will give an overview about the key features of VCM-3, followed by generic, high level examples of potential industries & applications utilizing remote/cloud based condition monitoring. This includes general valuable information that has been gathered during customer engagement calls with B&K Vibro sales representatives. We will also have a look on the sales process and where and how you can engage with us. Peter has been at the forefront of BoP applications and instrument technologies for the past 10 years, has studied this topic extensively and was awarded a PHD in mechanical engineering for his thesis “Robust Control Concepts applied to flexible mechanical structures".
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